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Law 1: Intentionality
Law 2: Awareness
Law 3: The Mirror
Law 4: Reflection

Law 5: Consistency
Law 6: Environment
Law 7: Design
Law 8: Pain

Law 9: The Ladder
Law 10: The Rubber Band
Law 11: Trade-Offs
Law 12: Curiosity

Law 13: Modeling
Law 14: Expansion
Law 15: Contribution

These 15 invaluable laws are recognized by some of the most successful people in the world. This mastermind was designed to provide people with an environment for growth values to be introduced, practiced, and shared. Because many people of today equate success with money power and material objects, few people have a healthy and correct understanding of what personal growth is and how they can apply it to their lives and the lives of others. Leadership TeamBuilder has partnered with John C. Maxwell to facilitate this program in an effort to reverse the negative conceptions of leadership by offering a desirable portrait of growth based on the 15 laws that can be applicable to peoples lifes – the 15 invaluable laws that can be admired, implemented, and choosen to aspire to for a more positive and sustained style of life.


  1. Identify with the 15 irrifutable laws of growth

  2. Take ownership of choices

  3. Practice Growth values and develop those skills

  4. Evaluate yourself with the applied knowledge

  5. Take turns sharing in small group discussions


The Mastermind Method of Growth

The teaching method of small groups is very simple and highly effective. Small groups employ two-way communication in an empowering environment. The 15 Laws are not only taught; they are explored. During a small group, each person participates and some are given the chance to lead, but all students share from their own experience. As a result, everyone grows together.


  • They are conducted in groups of six to eight people.
  • They usually take between 60 minutes for six people and 90 minutes for eight people.
  • They give every participant a “voice” and an opportunity to grow.
  • They are designed to emphasize and promote personal growth through the 15 laws.


The Structure of the Mastermind

Each lesson on the l5 laws of growth follows a pattern designed to help everyone participate and accept the choice of developing each value in their own lives.

Lesson body: This section contains information about the value being learned.
Participants may take turns reading paragraphs from this section aloud. Participants
are encouraged to underline key thoughts and ideas that capture their attention.

Benefits: This section shows the participant what benefits they will experience when
they apply the law to their life.

Discussion: Each participant will be asked to share something they underlined in the
lesson and why it was important to them. They will also share answers to questions
in the lessons.

Evaluation: Each participant will rate himself on how well he demonstrates the
lesson’s law in his or her life and identify ways to improve in that area. Participants will
be asked to share their answers with the group.

Action: Each lesson will challenge a law to be applied to the participants' lives.
Sometimes the lessons will provide opportunities for people to share the action
step they committed to during the previous session and what resulted.

Although personal growth does happen individually, the small group process allows participants to gain immediate feedback on their own responses and learn from the experiences of others. When people are transparent, it creates an environment where participants feel comfortable sharing their experiences. The mastermind method allows groups to create a close community in which they support and encourage one another. As participants develop relationships and grow in their understanding of each law, it strengthens transformation that comes through their own choice of personal growth.


John C. Maxwell, a #1 New York Times bestselling author, coach, and speaker, was identified as the #1 leader in business by the AMA and the world's most influential leadership expert by Inc. in 2014.

His organizations — The John Maxwell Company, The John Maxwell Team, EQUIP, and the John Maxwell Leadership Foundation — have trained millions of leaders touching every nation.


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